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Is Moving to Atlanta a Good Idea for You? A Local Guide

With the phoenix as a symbol, Atlanta is known as the city that rose from the ashes. In 1864, a huge fire obliterated this Georgian town, leaving only 400 standing buildings in its wake. Atlanta is thus the only city in North America to be destroyed in a war, yet this has not stopped it from becoming a residential hub. Over the decades, Atlanta has rebuilt itself into a place people like to call home. If you are considering living in Atlanta, here is what you need to know about The Big A.

The Community Is Welcoming and Diverse

Although it is home to over 500,000 people, Atlanta is one of the friendliest cities in America. Here, southern charm is more than a concept; you should have no trouble making friends. Atlanta also comprises 25 percent millennials, who love to buy local and open interesting shops and restaurants. Even better, this city is one of the most diverse in the country, with 51 percent of the population identifying as black. Atlanta also houses the 19th largest LGBT community in the US and is ranked the second gay-friendliest city in the country.    

The Cost of Living Is Reasonable

If you are keen on buying a home in Atlanta, you will love that the median home sale price is only $325,000. Local experts and Atlanta GA real estate specialists Shirley Gary Group say you can find stunning homes for less and the variety is far-reaching. This affordability is an extension of the city’s low cost of living, which is only 2 percent higher than the national average.

The Food Scene Is Incredible

Atlanta’s diversity plays out in its culinary scene, delivering more than the southern cuisine you would expect from a Georgian town. The city has been recognized as a food destination, and visitors and residents enjoy Mexican, Italian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Caribbean, Indian, and other cuisines. These foods are spread across a healthy selection of bars, restaurants, eateries, cafes, and farmer’s markets across the city.

Possible Cons of Living in Atlanta

A possible demerit of living in Atlanta is that you need a car to move around. Atlanta is a large, sprawling city, so getting around is not always easy. The public transportation system is also not as reliable as you would want it to be.

If you are driving, however, beware of the traffic. Atlanta has one of the worst traffic problems of any city in the country. Consider moving to a neighborhood close to where you work and working within the city.

That aside, some residents complain about the summer heat and humidity. Temperatures can sometimes average 90°F from June to August, but the rest of the year is warm and pleasant.

Explore Your Atlanta Options with Shirley Gary

Although the difficult commute and summer heat are a bummer, there is much to love about life in Atlanta. You can explore the city more and homes for sale in Atlanta with the help of a trusted guide to figure out if this is the best city for you. Contact real estate agent Shirley Gary today to discuss your real estate needs and what Atlanta can do for you.