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5 Perks of Living in Center City

Situated between Washington and New York on the Amtrak corridor, Center City is a business and innovation hub with many modern amenities. Living in Center City brings you face-to-face with desirable homes, world-renowned galleries and museums, and many historical and cultural attractions. Amidst these rich scenes is also a wide variety of homes, ranging from luxury condos and new apartments to historic townhomes and estates. If you are thinking of moving to Center City, here are five things you will enjoy about living in the vibrant district.

Center City Is Well-Connected and Accessible

Center City’s location on the Amtrak corridor makes it one of the most accessible and well-connected locations in the country. The district is located a mere 15 minutes away from Philadelphia International Airport, from where residents can catch direct flights to over 100 international and domestic locations. In fact, many investors who contact Center City real estate agent Jamie Smith move to Center City because of the access it offers to Western Europe and the East Coast. Within Center City itself, you can move around through the 14 regional rail lines and two Interstates.

The District Is a Business and Innovation Hub

The convenient and strategic location of Center City is part of the reason it is a business and innovation hub. The district boasts over 40 million square feet of office buildings and is responsible for 42 percent of the jobs in Philadelphia. Over the years, Center City has also brought in a significant number of NIH grants and, along with University City, filed for hundreds of patents.

Living in Center City Is Affordable

Despite the modernity and connectedness of Center City, life in the district remains affordable. Food, healthcare, education, utilities, and homes for sale in Center City are available at manageable prices, including sometimes at a fraction of the cost in similar cities. This low cost of living is not achieved at the expense of the quality of life, nonetheless. Center City homeowners with an annual income of $92,100 can live a quality of life they would not afford in Manhattan and Boston. This homeowner would have to earn 92 and 26 percent more in these cities to experience the same standard of living. 

The Restaurant and Art Scene Is World Class

In 2015, Philadelphia was named the country’s first World Heritage City UNESCO due to its rich history, most of which can be found in Center City. Center City’s Downtown has more cultural and art establishments per resident than Boston, San Francisco, and Chicago. It, in fact, is third in the country behind Washington, D.C., and Midtown Manhattan. The district is also widely acclaimed for its local boutiques, retailers, and restaurants.

Center City Downtown Is Teeming with Things to Do

Downtown Center City is a vibrant and lively 24-hour community with many shops, restaurants, and entertainment establishments. The dining and retail scenes are nationally acclaimed, and the parks and cultural institutions are award-winning. Moreover, Downtown Center City is home to several historic neighborhoods with a wide range of homes to meet every homebuyer’s taste. 

Explore Center City with Expert Jamie Smith

Investing in Center City real estate, like any other real estate investment, is a major decision. You need to get pre-approved for a mortgage, review different neighborhoods, consider different homes and price points, negotiate a good deal, and more. To ensure you do things right and protect your investment, contact experienced Philadelphia real estate agent Jamie Smith. Jamie has over two decades of experience in the local market and can help you find your new Center City home today.