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Five Bathroom Must-Haves for Optimal Living in Elmhurst

Located 15 miles west of Chicago, Elmhurst is a conveniently located and vibrant community with a lot to offer in house variety. Living in Elmhurst can mean fairytale-like days in a midcentury ranch home, convenience in elegant townhouses, luxury in custom-built homes, and more. One specific part of fine living in this town, however, is the bathroom. Nothing beats a relaxing shower or bath after a long day among the 40,000 residents of Elmhurst. Below, we have reviewed 5 bathroom features you can add to your bathroom for the perfect spa-like experience.

Heated Towel Rails

As you visit different listings and homes for sale in Elmhurst with Elmhurst real estate experts Kelly Stetler Real Estate, take a close look at the bathrooms and whether they have towel rails. Heated towel rails are the perfect appliance for the perfect bath. Rather than wake up to a damp towel from the night before, you can enjoy warm, crisp towels every time you want to jump into the shower. These appliances also make your bathroom cleaner, keeping away mold and germs that thrive in wet places. Moreover, heated towel rails offer extra storage space for your towels, preventing clutter.

Rainfall Shower Head

If you have ever stood under the rain, you will understand the allure of the rainfall shower head. The angle and expanse of this impressive-looking appliance ensure that water falls all over your body in a slow and steady flow that will almost put you to sleep. Many rainfall shower heads also come with adjustable pressure settings, in case you prefer a brisker shower.  

Double-Sink Vanity

The double-sink vanity began as a luxurious perk of five-star luxury hotels and quickly made it into our homes. This is in large part due to their stunning design and storage benefits. Because of their size, which is double the usual, double-sink vanities allow you more storage space under the sink so you can keep your bathroom clutter-free. They also provide more sink space so you and your loved ones don’t have to queue at the sink in the morning.

Illuminated Mirror

Mirrors are a must-have in the bathroom but illuminated mirrors are a luxury feature you cannot afford to miss. In addition to their practical function, these mirrors quickly infuse your bathroom with an air of romance and relaxation. Their sleek but minimal design means they can blend in with the rest of your bathroom décor. And the soft ambient lighting is a natural mood soothing. 

Waterfall Bath Filler Tap

Like the rainfall shower head, the waterfall bath filler tap is all about ambiance, sights, and sounds. This feature allows you to watch or listen as the water flows slowly from a stunning fountain into your bath. Many people set the speed to low, so they can enjoy the calming effects of a gentle flow. Waterfall bath filler taps also come with a thermostatic function that prevents changes in pressure and temperature, allowing you to relax into your bath after a long day.

Explore Elmhurst Bathrooms and Homes with Kelly Stetler

Elmhurst is the city “Close to Everything, Unlike Anything.” Its convenient location means you can enjoy a wide range of activities and home options, all of which you can customize to create the perfect living experience. If you are ready to experience the comforts of Elmhurst real estate, contact the Kelly Stetler Group today to schedule a consultation. This group of trusted Chicago agents will help you find the bathroom – and home – of your dreams.